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About Us

Reptile Express is one of Europe's largest import-distribution-export centers with own breeding facility. Reptile Express is specialised in Boa's, Pythons, Tortoises and Captive Bred reptiles. Reptile Express supplies Wholesalers, Pet stores, Zoos in Europe and Worldwide.

Private sales are possible too. You can find Retail Prices on each detailed page. If you have any interest in a reptile, please contact us.

European orders are shipped within 10 days from Brussels Airport to your closest Airport. For some countries groundservice ( door-to-door ) is possible, please contact us to check whether this is applicable for you.
All animals are shipped according IATA Regulations.


All animals remain at least 3 weeks in quarantine before they are placed on our stocklist. If necessary they will be threated for internal and external parasites.

We guarantee high quality animals, free of parasites and diseases at very competitive prices !

Ask our stocklist today and take profit from our exceptional quantity - discounts !

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Phone : +32 (0) 15 24 98 46
Fax : +32 (0) 15 24 54 58


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